The Water Secret

The water secret is the simplest and most effortless thing you can do for joint and muscle pain relief – it is rarely recommended, little used, and is avoided by all too many, yet it cost little to nothing.

It has been estimated that about 82% of the population doesn’t get enough water – they substitute something else in its place – usually something unhealthy (but tastes good), which commonly has a negative impact on their body.

Is it because they don’t know the water secret?

The water secret is a great idea! 
When the body’s water supply is low in your muscles, joints and all other connective tissue, you are —
  • weaker
  • more sluggish
  • stiffer
  • in more pain if you have it
  • not able to think as clearly

When you have plenty water for joints, joints and muscles work easier and pain decreases.

It’s amazing how you can get joint and muscle relief just by drinking water, this pure liquid hydrogen and oxygen. More important, is getting the right amount to maintain proper functions throughout your body. (pure liquid – meaning purified by reverse osmosis or better yet, distilled)

Your Body Knows Best

Do you know that water is water to the body and everything else is food? If anything is mixed in it your body no long recognizes it as water, but digests it as food. Strangely, people have a hard time with this concept.

Simply, your body digests two (2) things – food and water.

For this reason, if you substitute anything for it such as coffee, soda pop, juices, sports drinks, etc., or mix the slightest thing with it, your body is not getting what it needs.

Chronic low level dehydration consistently exists in the majority of the population. A few of the many problems this creates is poor circulation, poor toxic waste elimination, increased inflammation, poor nutrient absorption, poor chemical exchange throughout tissue and cells, strained and weakened immune system, and more painful joints.

Joint hydration, lubrication, and flexibility all suffer when you’re not drinking water enough – your level of pain is higher under these conditions.

Your joints and muscles greatest enemies are the three worst things substituted for drinking essential water — caffeine, carbonated drinks (called soda, soda pop, or pop), sugar drinks and high salt drinks.

As long as these most popular forms of supplying liquids to your body are used, you hinder your progress and defeat yourself in succeeding with healing, pain relief in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.

Experts strongly recommend at least one gallon a day in its purest form – that’s 128 ounces, OR, a quart for every 50 of your pounds (round up for this estimate).

The most common recommendation is a minimum of eight 8–ounce glasses a day – that’s a half gallon. This minimum is just not good enough.

You will know this when you start drinking a gallon a day.

Most people don’t even meet this minimum requirement. They seem to think they don’t need to because they drink several of the popular drinks instead – “getting plenty of liquids.” Are they? Are you?

All of us resist change, some more than others. This is why the one gallon a day mandate is shunned. Habits have to be broken, especially bad habits.

Bad habits are easily broken by replacing them with good habits.

It takes about three weeks to change a habit and often is not an easy thing to do.

It takes two to five weeks for the body to metabolically adjust to consistency in drinking water at a gallon a day. Then great things happen and health improves.

Getting rid of cloudy thinking is one of the first things you enjoy when drinking the right amount of this pure liquid. Depression decreases.

Cartilage in the joint consists of 65 – 80% water. This vital fluid in tendons, ligaments, and muscles serve very important functions in cushioning and lubricating joints and tissues, and staying elastic.

It improves flexibility and resilience in joints and tissue.

It removes toxins inside cells and in tissue and joints, decreasing pain.

Dehydration in joints increases stiffness, hinders circulation allowing toxins and cellular waste to build up ever increasing pain in joints and muscle. Swelling increases and pain remains high until the right amount of water is restored to your body.

The right amount of water maintained in your body helps you avoid depression, irritability, tiredness, and difficulty waking up in the morning – These are many of the signs of a dehydrated brain struggling to maintain its proper hydroelectricity functions.


  • Diseases set in your body easier when you are dehydrated, even when you’re consistently a little dehydrated, as is common among most people.
  •   Poorly supplying sufficient amounts of this precious liquid to protect, heal, and cleanse your body will adversely, and powerfully, affect you in a bad way.
  • The most powerful secret to any weight loss program is drinking a lot of this precious pure liquid.
  • Drinking water in larger quantities can make you feel better in just a few minutes to a few days. Give your body what it needs, and time to adjust during improving health.
  • Pain and stiffness can remind you to drink more of this vital liquid – Learn that pain is a good indicator of dehydration.

TIP: Go get a big drink now while you are thinking about it.

Maintaining a higher quantity of this vital elixir of life in your body will greatly improve the efficiency of your joint and muscle rebuilding supplements. It accelerates your goal to restoration.

Keep in mind that water for joints is an important element in your overall joint and muscle relief program.

The Water Secret is now yours.

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