Collagen makes up most of the protein structure in your body, and is the fibrous connective tissue that holds you altogether. Its the most common building block or protein in your body.

Should you have difficulty producing all you body requires you appear to age faster than others your age, and joint and muscle pain is just a part of your overall health problems.

Collagen works with other nutrients involved in connective tissue that support joint and muscle relief. It, like anything else, cannot work alone.

If you are not producing enough along with these nutrients, then you have muscle weakness, stiffness, and poor flexibility – a state of deteriorating health. You can fix that.

Your Need For Good Collagen

This vital tissue component is what’s keeping you together, or is keeping you from falling apart – depending on how you look at it. It’s a network-like tissue structure that ties everything together — your cells, your skin, your bones and joints.

Your body manufactures this critical tissue at all times – continually restoring it where needed. You can’t make too much of it, but you can make too little of it, or make it poorly. This is where you get into trouble with deteriorating joints and muscle.

Its important for keeping your body feeling young and flexible and appearing younger.

In various forms of arthritis most pain is found in joints. In rheumatoid arthritis pain is found in muscle as well as joints. Deficiency or poor development can play a big part in these problems.

Collagen deficiency allows loss of lubrication and cushion in cartilage in your joints. This also allows inflammation and pain followed by joint and muscle stiffness – a condition that accelerates degeneration.

Poor Collagen Production Puts Your Life In Danger. As you age you produce less, and fail to meet your body’s demands for quality repair.

Collagen deficiency shows as loose and wrinkled skin on the outside, and on the inside, as stiff weak arteries, blood vessel break down, heart problems (the reason for heart by-pass surgery) and other organ tissue failure, and of course – joint deterioration.

Weak connective tissue becomes inflamed, tissue begins to swell, circulation slows down leaving waste products of the body trapped in muscle and joint. Vital healing nutrients get restricted. This compounds the inflammation where pain and stiffness rule the joint and muscle tissue.

When you are involved in joint and muscle diseases you may want to heed the warning signs and brace yourself for what is coming – something that is in the works, but not yet on the scene. That would be a heart attack.

A deficiency in this major building block is manifested in most all the top life threatening diseases of our day, Heart attack or need for bypass surgery, Cancer, Stroke, and Diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

2 Reasons For Poor Collagen Production

Poor production in your body most often occurs for two reasons:

(1) A Vitamin C deficiency where varying demands, depending on health conditions, cannot be met due to lack of supply in your diet.

(2) Research has shown that Silica an essential trace mineral, can be deficient too. It is important for strength and flexibility of Collagen, and it forms poorly without this essential mineral.

The Vitamin C deficiency shows in the form of a disease called Scurvy – a Vitamin C deficiency disease you may have thought only ancient sailors commonly suffered and died with. Most people today fail to understand that they are suffering with chronic low level Scurvy. A condition not commonly recognized.

Its important to know that large amounts of Vitamin C are required to produce abundant Collagen benefits throughout your body. Quality production is also dependent on the presence of the essential mineral silica.

Its About Feeling Better
“Give the Body What It Need and It Will Heal Itself”

An Enzymes supplement supports good production of Collagen – especially if you want to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle free and enjoy improvement here too.

As you begin using your Collagen supplements, new tissue will replace old worn tissue. Noticeable pain relief begins in a week to 45 days.

In the days, weeks and months ahead you can expect improvements in pain relief, improved joint cushioning and lubrication in joints, and improving flexibility and mobility as collagen deficiency is overcome.

Again, be sure you are getting Silica and plenty of Vitamin C with your collagen supplement.

Look for improvement in your overall appearance as skin and hair show the signs of improvement. Enjoy superior joint and muscle relief.

Note too, that liquid collagen supplement is your best choice – see why.

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