Liquid Collagen Supplement Provides More Benefits Than Powders Pills or Creams

Liquid collagen supplement should be your first choice over other collagen supplements due to its greater bio-availability giving you more value beyond other forms of collagen supplements.

In other words, liquid collagen supplement gets into your system easier than collagen supplements such as pills, tablets, capsules, powders and creams.

Pills and Tablets

Most pills and capsules do not break down easily in the digestive system and often give little to no benefit. People in their late years get the least benefit this way due to poor digestion ability.

Large cities across the country, haul to dumps, truck loads of unbroken-down pills and tablets they have removed from their water sewage treatment plants, proving this point.

Sadly, most manufacturers spend more of their money on marketing their products and very little on how well their products benefit their customers.

Collagen Cream

Your skin is one of the great organs of your body that protects you from chemical exposure and various other environmental hazards you are exposed to every day.

This includes cosmetics and creams.

The public, over several decades, have tested billions of dollars of “promising” cosmetics, creams and various beauty aids proving most of them worthless. Collagen cream included.

Creams designed to hold moisture in your skin often use oils to accomplish it. As they trap the moisture in, they also trap in bacteria and toxins your skins works to fight off. Sometimes the bacteria wins giving you rashes, red inflamed skin, itchy skin – or worse.

Collagen cream has a poor benefit history due to its inability to transfer much of the collagen deep enough in the skin to do what you desire. There are better ways to get more of it into your skin as noted later.


Capsules are more commonly filled with collagen formulations in powder form where they breakdown and release the formulation somewhere along your digestive tract.

The strength of your digestion abilities determines how well you will benefit from various products.

Some formulations are designed for release in the lower intestine where they are expected to provide more benefit. Others break down early in the digestion process and a good portion can be destroyed by digestion before benefit can be gained.

Rarely do you, as the consumer, know which formula works one way or the other. You're left questioning what works best.

Collagen Powder Supplement

Most people don't give it much thought, but your body only consumes liquids. When you eat something, especially something dry, without realizing it you perform two things before you swallow.

You chew the food to break it down to the smallest of pieces. The smaller, the better it digests and more nutrients are made available for use.

While chewing, saliva is mixed into the food providing digestive enzymes starting the digestive processes, and you chew till the food becomes liquid enough to swallow.

A collagen powder supplement would be mixed with water or juice, then taken. Your digestive processes take over preparing the supplement for absorption and usage. This would be the second best way to get collagen – not considering collagen injections for beauty enhancement.

Liquid Collagen Supplement

Of these various collagen supplements, liquid collage supplement goes through the least amount of digestive effort, and is easily and quickly absorbed from the moment it enters your mouth.

Research continually shows more of the liquid collagen supplement is available for usage than any other form, this is true of any liquid supplement.

Collagen production in your body decreases with age. Over the years collagen deficiency presents several health problems, and your youthful skin shows signs of aging.

Deteriorating joints, joint and muscle pain, muscle sagging and weakness, and wrinkled skin are all common indications of poor collagen production and collagen deficiency.

Collagen supplements support and boost production and offer recovery from deficiencies. This then slows down, if not stops, joint deterioration. Joint and muscle pain relief is achieved, and rebuilding of bone and muscle improves.

These are the areas these supplements do their best.

Restoring youthful skin and beauty is not where they perform their best.

Collagen applied to skin works poorly, because collagen molecules are too large to absorb into the skin. Liquid collagen works better than any other form for beauty aid, but it has limitations.

Youthful skin and beauty enhancement collagen requires a different formulation from that used for joint, bone, and tissue, and will perform best from the inside out.

Your body is very intelligent and sets its own priorities as to where it will utilize collagen supplements. Wound healing has a very high priority. Rebuilding of bone and joints has a high priority.

Maintaining and restoring collagen production takes precedence over restoring youthful skin.

There are better ways to restore youthful skin then through the type of supplements most suited to joint and muscle. If skin care is your priority then this may provide what you need – it functions specifically for skin.

Otherwise, for joint and muscle relief, bone and wound healing, take advantage of a quality liquid collagen supplement – especially one combined with other nutrients for joint and muscle that work in combination with collagen. The Proven Solutions e-book can help with this.

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