Increase Oxygen In The Body For Joint and Muscle Relief

These 4 Ways You Can Increase Your Energy and Overall Health

Oxygen for healing is well established. Getting the right amount to the area of need can be a challenge that must be met if you want joint and muscle relief from pain and stress of injury.

Injuries from wounds or surgeries, or inflammation from worn and damaged joints and muscles have the highest requirements for this vital element in their early stages of healing.

Various methods need to be incorporated to maximize you efforts in healing short term and long term.

  • Exercise
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Oxygen supplements
  • Water intake (water, not liquids in general)


Any exercise, whether you do a little or a lot, your body automatically increases breathing in order to supply the demand for oxygen as moving muscle burns it.

As you exercise you build a rich supply of it, and when you stop you feel good while this rich supply lasts.

It isn't just the muscles that benefit from it, but everything in your body enjoys the availability of this increased supply.

Exercise can be done at any stage of healing. As little as nothing more than light massaging or vibrating can improve your supply of this vital healing element to an area of need. As healing improves stages of more strenuous exercise can be applied.

In most cases, no exercise is a very poor decision.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is another form of exercise that improves your body's demands other than the rapid breathing that exercising stimulates you to do.

Deep breathing exercise calls for a slow steady intake of air until you fully expand your lungs to a stretching point. On exhale, you release slowly, maximizing the time this vital element is in the lungs to get the most absorption.

This is an exercise that should be repeated often throughout the day, not only for energy increase throughout the day, but to stimulate the healing processes.

Oxygen Supplements

Supplements come in two forms. It can be supplied as a gas found in an Oxygen-Bar, or cylinders as found for medical purposes. Probably the best form of Oxygen supplements come in a liquid formulation accompanied with other important nutrients for health benefits.

Only a few drops are taken two or three times in a day. There is ample proof that the Oxygen level is boosted after use of these drops.

A simple test can be conducted by placing a Pulse Oximiter clip on a finger (as used to monitor Oxygen levels in patients in hospitals), and after a few minutes the Oxyimiter will show a few points increase in blood saturation of this healing element.

Water Intake   (water, not liquids in general)

Here is one way to increase your life supporting element that is rarely considered.

Water, made up of two Hydrogen and one Oxygen atoms, increases your supply if you are drinking enough water. Sadly, most people fail to keep their bodies well supplied with water and exist at near dehydration levels and fail to gain more of this life supporting element.

Water also is important in the healing processes as it transports nutrients where needed and flushes away the waste you must get rid of.

For Maximum Benefit

Don't be tempted to rely on any one of these ways to improve your oxygen if you want to maximize joint and muscle relief, use them all. It is a building block nutrient that supports all other building block nutrients.

If you are supplementing building block nutrients for joint and muscle pain relief and rebuilding, you will want to include this powerful healing agent, as it enhances them all.

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