Exercise Tips For Better Joint and Muscle Health
Keep MovingLong sitting periods is bad for your health. You are at higher risk of having a heart attack. Your lower body joints suffer poor circulation that increases inflammation, and in turn, increases pain in joints. Your body's ability to metabolize fat is lower during sitting periods affecting weight gain. Brain functions decrease when sitting for long periods of time. Alertness and mental clarity are adversely affected.Don't sit for more than an hour. Get up every hour, stretch and move around for 7 to 10 minutes. If your are driving, stop and get a drink of water and walk 10 minutes. Fatigue increases rapidly when sitting two hours or more – avoid this serious driving and health hazard. Sitting around doing little to nothing all day disrupts blood sugar regulation having a major impact on your overall health.

Keep Moving

The Relaxing ExerciseYoga is the easiest exercise that offers most all the same benefits that high-impact exercises offer. Its great for improving circulation without risking damage to joint and muscle. It is gentler on sore joints and muscle. Its a good excise to reduce pain in joint and muscle. Research shows it a good mood booster, too, even better than walking. Yoga works as a muscle relaxer and an antidepressant. Your are more relaxed after a yoga exercise than with strenuous exercises. It also reduces anxiety.

Irregular heart beat? Avoid this risk to blood clotting. Let yoga improve regular heart beat and avoid this risk as a new study shows.

Immune System BuildingWalking is one of three ways to boost your immune system and avoid flu and cold season. A second is to assure yourself of eight hours of sleep a night. Continuing research shows eight hours is very important for many reasons. A third is taking vitamin C regularly. 2000 to 3000 milligrams a day provides a major improvement to your immune system. Should you feel the slightest start of a cold, kick it up two or three thousand more for two to three days. The true WINNING COMBINATION is doing all three of these immune system boosters consistently! They cost less and are a lot safer than a flu shot, or hospital visits due to weak immune system.

Exercise Will Quicken Joint and Muscle Pain Relief
     Exercise accelerates the healing process.