Vitamin C Counters Stress Boosting Joint and Muscle Relief

Stress Devours Your Vitamin C Stores Hindering Healing and Pain Relief and Can Put Your Life at Risk

It Weakens Your Body

Stress, physical or mental, alters your body chemistry hindering healing processes and allows inflammation and pain to increase impacting your ability to get joint and muscle relief you desperately need.

Mental stress constantly labors your immune system making it weaker and weaker putting you at risk of virus, bacteria, and pollutant invasions. Mental stress is normally long term lasting weeks to months to years, and has its greatest impact in peak periods.

Physical stress is usually shorter in term, but can also have have a stressful impact on your body putting you at risk to poorer healing and more open to infection.

Physical stress can be due to injury or surgery which is be relieved when the condition is mostly healed or fully healed.

Joint and muscle pain often involves long term physical and mental stressful conditions.

Joint deterioration occurs over a long period with these two body degenerative conditions adding to, and accelerating, the deteriorating process.

Muscle is affected in the same way when muscle conditions are related to out of balance body chemistry. An example would be Fibromyalgia where chemical imbalance causes severe muscle pain.

What's an Easy Stress Fighter

The greater the stress on your body the greater the demand for Vitamin C to support your body chemistry to heal you and keep you healthy.

Vitamin C is one of your most powerful allies. It's the first thing that gets depleted under stressful conditions due to the impact this negative force has on the immune system and the rest of your body.

This vitamin is a powerful antibiotic and prepares the way for antibiotic formation in your immune system to protect you from the attacks of virus, bacteria, and pollution.

What's Your Vitamin C Demand Under Stressful Conditions

Vitamin C is critical to all healing and normal rebuilding processes, and is a life essential vitamin, meaning your life depends on it.

Anytime the immune system is strained and weakened your demand for Vitamin C increases according to the amount it is strained.

If your system is weak due to the impact of this negative factor, any virus or bacteria skyrockets Vitamin C demand. If it's not there for you you most likely will become ill very fast and a in few, death can occur in a few hours in extreme cases, especially in the very young (this is not uncommon).

Your body maintenance requirements can use up 2 to 4 grams a day. When put under stressful conditions this can jump up to 15 to 20 grams or more a day depending on the extent of the stress, and your individual body characteristic requirements and other existing health conditions.

You are one of a few creatures on this earth that does not manufacture your own Vitamin C, so you must supply it to your body through food you eat or through Vitamin C supplements. Only Vitamin C supplements can supply large demand situations.

Not All Vitamin C is Created Equal

Vitamin C is one of the lowest cost health aids you can buy.

Two things matter -

    • Manufacturer's quality

    • Formula Combinations that can come with Vitamin C

Most manufacturer's produce good vitamin C. It isn't often you will get poor grade or quality, but you should at least check this out before you buy.

Formula combinations improve Citamin C performance and usually provide other Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that greatly improve performance and benefit.

Vitamin C is a powerful method to beat stress whether it be mental or physical.

Make good use of it for —

  • joint and muscle relief
  • beating pain and inflammation
  • recovering from wounds or surgery
  • fighting off virus, bacteria, and pollution, and disease in general,
  • countering the effects of stress.

Vitamin C Plays A Critical Roll in Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

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