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Privacy Policy

This site does not set any cookies. There is no collect of any personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, etc. from visitors to this site. Any exception to this would be if you send and email with unsolicited information about yourself in it, or you respond to the blog, and/or newsletter and e-book(s). In any such cases all names and personally identifiable information will be modified to protect identities as necessary unless specifically requested not to do so. The hosting company for this site may capture some standard statistical information in their log files such as IP address, referring site, search term (if the referring site was a search engine), and related data of that nature without affecting your identity. Third party advertisers on this site, such as Google's Adsense program, may set cookies and web beacons for marketing purposes. If you would like to turn off the ability of sites you visit to set cookies, you can do so by changing your security options in your browser of choice. Alternatively cookie options may also be reset in your security program, if you use one. However, doing so may impact your ability to use sites that use cookies.

Advertising cookies set by Google can be used by Google to track your visits on other web sites, gauge your interest and allow Google to deliver you ads based on your personal interests. You can read more about and opt out, if you choose to do so, from Google's interest based advertising here.

Google may associate your browser with relevant interest categories based on sites you have previously visited and may use these categories to show personalized ads. For example, if you frequently visit finance websites, Google may show you more finance related ads than someone who spends more time on travel web sites.

You may read more about Google's privacy policy here.


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You should consider seeing your health care provider for a diagnosis and treatment of any medical concerns you may have, and before implementing any diet, supplement, exercise or other lifestyle changes as long as you trust such providers.