How Silica Unlocks A Secret for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Silica is a common mineral, yet uncommonly known for its importantance in your healing. It is an essential trace mineral that plays several important roles and necessary for joint and muscle relief. Its important in every healing function in your body. It is key for rapid healing processes.

It has the power to remove waste throughout your body, including inside the cell. It clears the way for cells to access more nutrients and oxygen, increasing energy while adding great strength to connective tissue. And aids in reducing inflammation and pain for effective joint and muscle relief.

Silica – Earth's most abundant mineral

A Few Secrets of This Critical Essential Mineral

One of the most important abundant components of joint and muscle is Collagen,    Silica is important to Collagen formation, and provides its great tensile strength, and strengthens connective tissue elasticity and resilience.

It regulates calcium placement in bone and tissue. ...another worthwhile secret to know when considering it in joint and muscle relief.

Its level of presence can determines whether you have a strong heart or a weak heart, and this is true for all your cardiovascular system. Combining it with Vitamin C , and amino acids, lycine and proline, will assure you of a good heart as studies show.

    With Silica, You Are Capable Of . . .
  • The amazing flexibility and strength in bone
  • The powerful stretching, twisting, and pulling ability of your muscles
  • Joints that withstand tremendous pressure in small spaces, pounding, beating, twisting and jarring for years
  • A Heart that is tough, powerful, and constantly flexing tirelessly, that beats an average 100,000 times, pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood a day, and pumping some 1 million barrels of blood with more than 2.5 billion beats over 70 years

As a child, if you injured or broke a bone it healed quickly and healed well. Scar tissue was minimal then.

Over the years this vital mineral decreased due to less availability in the diet, or due to poor digestion and the inability to convert it into a usable state during digestion. Additionally a stressful lifestyle depletes your stores.

Stress causes chemical imbalance hindering its functions. You can suffer severely from Silica deficiency.

Under conditions of deficiency your bones heal slower, and some deformity and weakness may take place.

Lack of this vital mineral leads to poor calcium placement in bones, leads producing weak and brittle bone, or deformity as seen in rheumatoid arthritis.

Lack of this vital mineral leads to too much calcium in tissue causing stiffening or adds to build-up of plaque in arteries and kidneys.

(The wrong type of calcium in your diet can produce the same things – such as calcium carbonate – a soft rock, the most abundant (cheap) calcium found on the shelf.)

Research has shown Silica deprivation weakens collagen in bone and tissue. This becomes apparent when weak or deformed bone and tissue is formed, or easily gives way and breaks. Lack of this mineral has been linked to joint deterioration.

    • Several studies have shown this important essential mineral effective in reducing inflammation and reducing pain.
    • Keeping up good appearances is also dependent on your body's Silica content as it links to collagen formation. Wrinkles, loss of beauty and loss of health are closely related to low levels of this essential trace mineral, so assure your body of a good supply.
    • It is very safe. It's natural to your body and any excess is easily eliminated.
    • Note also, that Vitamin C is an essential partner for Silica and critical for Collagen formation processes.

Take advantage of your exposure to some of the secrets of Silica. Your understanding of this essential trace mineral will help to make better decisions in your quest to get joint and muscle relief quicker. (see e-book)

Enjoy its natural inflammation fighting abilities, pain relief and quick recovery benefits, too.

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Silica Quick Recovery Secret for Joints, Muscle, and Bone