How Do Enzymes Work

How do enzymes work is a very important question to be asking if you are concerned about restoring health, getting pain relief, and seeking joint and muscle relief.

What Are Enzymes

Enzymes are 'critical to life' microscopic organisms that very often serve the purpose of speeding up chemical reactions in your body.

They are critical to life because most chemical reactions that must take place in your body to perform life functions must be performed very fast.

All day long billions of operations are occurring in your body to sustain life and many require high speed.

These ultra tiny organisms each have very unique individual purposes and perform very special jobs.

Your body has more than 3000 different enzymes. The most basic building blocks of life are cells, and most of these tiny enzymatic organisms are working in each of your more than 100 trillion cells.

A few of the many things they do is break down sugar, making energy, and aid in reproducing new cells.

They help the cells breathe in and out bringing in nutrients and removing waste. They also work in the brain keeping it working well. They are also found working in fluids, joint and muscle, and the blood.

How do enzymes work is most basically answered as - complex microscopic organisms that support critical chemical processes in your body, that break apart the bonds holding substances together and putting them back together in a different way, creating something new that you need for life.

They serve a special purpose by performing these changes very fast. They can accelerate chemical changes well over a million times faster than normal reaction times.

Your body works with three types of enzymes, Food, Metabolic, and Digestive.

Raw food enzymes support plant life and supply enzymes you need. Metabolic enzymes work throughout your body in tissue, fluids, and bones. Digestive enzymes work directly for digestive purposes.

Should I Supplement Enzymes For Better Health

Yes! Absolutely! Your body is designed to produce many of its needed enzymes, and this design also requires additional enzymes from your food sources, and cannot make them very well without good nutrition.

There are many ways you can have a shortage of enzymes.

A shortage of enzymes is followed by diseases.

Some less critical ones you may recognize that range -
from migraines to allergies, from inflammation to pain, from indigestion and acid reflux to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from mental fatigue and depression to mental illness.
Shortages can come by
shortages at birth, a stressful lifestyle, eating processed foods, eating over-cooked foods, eating radiated fruits and vegetables, disease conditions, old age, and more.
So, yes, supplement enzymes through better diet and quality enzyme supplements to prevent health problems and help correct existing health problems. Highly effective enzymes are found in the e-Book.

Enzymes come in raw fruits, vegetables, or supplements.

The answer to the question, “How do enzymes work”, provides the knowledge that gives you the power to make good decisions in use of enzymes in your quest for good health – so, stop pain, restore health to bone, and enjoy joint and muscle relief.

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