Bromelain For Reducing Swelling And Inflammation in Joints

Using Bromelain As A Natural Anti-inflammatory

Bromelain can be used as a digestive aid, or used more extensively in your body as a systemic enzymes for reducing swelling and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory benefits help to achieve joint and muscle relief.

If you want to use it as a digestive aid to efficiently break down food you have eaten, take it with your meal.

This enzyme is utilized throughout your body, beyond serving your digestive tract, you would take it between meals – say an hour before or an hour after, to function as a systemic enzyme to clean and detoxify internally and reduce pain.

Eat More Pineapple (stems...)

Bromelain is the name given a group of enzymes that are extracted from the pineapple plant – mostly from the stem and a little from the fruit.

Reportedly Christopher Columbus discovered it around the time he discovered America – with some help from the local natives of course. ...not under this name to be sure... (today's brief history lesson)

It is offered in supplement form (likely because not too many people are into chewing on pineapple stems), and is often blended with other enzyme combinations – it performs better this way.

Putting It To Work For You In Various Ways

It's used in America more as a digestive enzyme and as a meat tenderizer. Its great value to serve you in other areas of your body isn't well known and can only be attributed to a lack of public awareness.

Germany is noted for using it for wound healing, whether by surgery or injury. Its anti-inflammatory use is intended to reduce pain and swelling and inflammation. It works to block chemicals that stimulate inflammation and pain.

It's used topically in Taiwan, Japan, and Hawaii – places where full plants can be found. They reportedly have used it on wounds, insect bites, and swelling.

An anti-inflammatory, its effects can be more noticeable in minor sports injuries where attention is given to sprains, sore muscle, mild knee pain, and where swelling and tenderness is present. This is not to say it isn't effectively working for you in more serious injuries – just not as noticeable under greater trauma conditions.

It stimulates chemical activity in your blood and tissue that breaks down fibrin, a protein-sugar combination that contributes to blood clotting. Using it in a health maintenance program can help reduce risk of blood clots. Prescription blood thinners are not recommend for use with bromelain .Like several systemic enzymes, it is effective on virus and bacteria, and can work as a supporting agent when dealing with these concerns.

Its natural anti-inflammatory power and its capabilities to reduce swelling lends it to reduce:

  • coughing
  • nasal mucus
  • inflammation effects of hay fever
  • allergies associated with sinuses
  • joint and muscle pain

How can you not enjoy using bromelain with all these benefits?

Bromelain isn't a lone enzyme reducing inflammation. Wisely choose to use it in an enzyme combination supplement (with other inflammation reducing enzymes) and make it more economical to use.

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