Glucosamine – What Form or Type is Best for You

Quality Glucosamine Is Your First Goal — The Best Form It Comes In Is Your Second Goal

Glucosamine form or type comes in a variety of ways. You will want to get the most out of it, and the form you use will make all the difference.

It is naturally formed in the body, but where deficiencies occur the need for supplements is called for. Taking it in the form that is most natural to the body is how it will perform best for you.

For digestion it comes in liquid, powder, capsule, or tablet, forms. It can also be taken into your body by outside application, normally in the form of a cream. It can be taken internally by injection or through digestion.

Quality Is Your First Goal

An early stage of research or clinical trials is to test the quality of the glucosamine to be used. Credibility of a study requires credibility of its product, therefore quality must be good.

In like manner, for you to receive maximum benefits you will want a high quality glucosamine form or type of supplement. One that is made with high standards and meets or exceeds pharmaceutical grade quality.

Look for a reputable manufacturer and don't cheat yourself – you get what you pay for, so expect to pay a good price for quality. Reputable manufacturers will offer full, no questions asked, money back guarantees for their products.

What Your Body Wants — Liquid

How you eat your food is a message from your body.

Living a fast pace lifestyle, hurrying here and hurrying there seems to affect how you eat – in a hurry.

The consequences stimulate such conditions as acid reflux, poor digestion, perforated bowel, and irritable bowel syndrome, for starters.

You are designed to eat slowly and carefully and enjoy your meal. As you chew your food, saliva is stimulated in the process and digestive enzymes are released to be mixed into your food.

The intent is to chew the food until the pieces become very small allowing maximum contact with enzymes to efficiently break down the food particles. This is your first stage of digestion.

This process converts everything to a liquid before it is to be swallowed.

There you have it... Your body wants liquids. (have you tried swallowing a powder?)

Aim For A Liquid Glucosamine Supplement

This form proves the best overall choice and is easy to take. It absorbs quickly and easily into the bloodstream where it quickly get delivered to areas of need throughout your body.

With quicker absorption you get quicker relief, maximizing your value in benefit and cost. Here you avoid bulk and processing agents.

This form of supplement is more efficient that solid forms. Many of its improving effects are seen in 2 to 3 weeks as compared to 3 months with pill forms.

You can anticipate a worthwhile cost from one to two dollars a day from a quality product.


Powders are easily mixed with water or juices or other beneficial drinks (never a soft drink – it is counterproductive to nutrition). Unless the label says it requires only a tiny serving to be mixed, you can figure it has plenty of fillers and non-binding agents to prevent caking.

Many people think if they don't get a big serving to mix they are not getting much for their money, so manufacturers tend to bulk up the product with fillers. It's good you don't think that way, right?

Powders combined with several other nutritional supplements would obviously offer more volume and benefits (if no fillers are included).

Capsules Capsules by their physical nature limit the amount of fillers that can be added. Binders, non-binders, non-sticking agents are still necessary due to powder inside. In most cases capsules breakdown quickly making more product available for absorption sooner, but still not as quickly as liquid.

Tablets or solid pills would be the least desirable glucosamine form or type for you to take or for that matter, most any nutritional supplement or prescription drug.

They consist mostly of fillers, chemical binders, and non-sticking agents necessary in manufacturing to prevent sticking to equipment.

They are not designed to be easily broken down by enzymes and require a strong presence of acid in the digestive system. Commonly the older you are the less acid you tend to produce. Many of these pills enter and leave your body unchanged. Just ask your local sewage treatment plant where they have been known to haul pills away in truck loads.

Those slow to break down will give you little to no value. Those that do break down quickly will give you more value in comparison. BR>


Creams tend to offer the least benefit mostly due to the fact that this supplement isn't known for absorbing through the skin to get to the bloodstream.

There are other ingredients in the cream that act as relief agents. They usually act as counter pain agents. They create minor pain to mask the existing joint pain. That's working on the symptoms not the cause.

Injection Injection has been known to be quite effective and perform for you quickly. Here you may want to consider its weekly high cost, pain, and possible risk of needle injection infection.

Glucosamine Performs Better With Its Companions

Ideally, you shouldn't be looking just at glucosamine alone. It works even better when combined with other ingredients that work well for joint and muscle relief.

Your best value will come when you combine MSM, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and other ingredients that work best in combinations and in liquid form. Liquid forms are much more cost effective than solid forms.

a LIQUID Glucosamine Source in the right combination with other essential joint nutrients

Using Glucosamine to rebuild and relieve pain without risk of life and serious side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

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