Easy Knee Exercises For Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Easy knee exercises will renew strength in knees and legs – Where joint pain

is due to arthritis is leading to arthritis deterioration

exists due to injury is causing general knee joint weakness

Renewing strength to the knee joints will increase –

stability mobility joint and muscle pain relief

Easy Knee Exercise – One

In a sitting position with back straight and against the back of your chair, place your legs together feet flat on the floor.

Slowly extend one leg out and up untill the heel is one foot off the floor, and hold in place for 5 – 10 seconds. From this position continue upward extending your leg straight out, and hold for 5 to 10 seconds, then slowly lowering back to the previous position of one foot off the floor. Repeat the cycle 10 times and rest this leg.

Switch legs and repeat this exercise for the other leg.

As strength increases in the days ahead work yourself up to 50 repetitions a day for each leg.

Depending on the weakness of your knees, you may find it necessary to rest often between exercise cycles. Don't let this concern you, strength will quickly come so you can do more.

You will be amazed how fast you can build up strength in very weak knees.

Easy Knee Exercise – Two

Lay on a firm bed or a thick floor mat. Lay on one side and align your body in a straight line head to foot.

Rest your head on a pillow supporting your head and filling the space between head and shoulder keeping your head straight in line with your body.

In this position lift the top leg one foot off the bed or floor and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. After this count raise your leg up so it is now 2 feet off the bed or floor, and hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

After this count slowly lower your leg to the 1 foot position. This completes one side leg lift cycle. Repeat this cycle 5 times. Roll over on your other side and repeat the cycles for your other leg.

In two to four weeks increase the number of repetitions to 10, two weeks later increase to 30 repetitions.

These exercise can be very difficult to do when knees are very weak. It may be necessary to rest often between cycles or repetitions.

Do not stress over this or any level of inability you may be experiencing. Your strength will increase every day and you will be able to do more and more as the days go on.

Be patient, you will get there.

Perform these easy knee exercises 6 days a week. If you miss a day don't worry about it, just get back on track.

When you have reached good strength in your joints and legs reduce the exercises to every other day or 2 days on (doing them) and 2 days off (rest period) – you want to maintain strength not create muscle mass.

Easy Knee Exercise – Three

Lay straight and flat on your back. Do not use a pillow.

Start your easy joint and muscle strengthening exercise by lifting one leg up one foot off the bed or floor. Hold in position for a 5 to 10 second count. After this count raise your leg up to about 2 feet off the bed or floor. Hold in position for a 5 to 10 second count, then slowly lower your leg back to the one foot position.

This completes this cycle. Now repeat it 5 times, then slowly lower your leg to a rest position. Do the same for the other leg.

Over the next few weeks repeat these easy knee exercises building up to 40 cycles for each leg. You will be amazed how quickly you will get to this point in your exercises.

Increasing the number of exercises is not a rigid requirement. It is more important to adjust the pace to fit your needs, but be persistent in your efforts. Also be willing to stretch your boundaries.

Note: You don't have to be a couch potato in your evenings. These exercises can be performed while watching TV!

What You Can Look Forward To

These exercises will not only strengthen joints and muscles around them, but you will see improvement in muscles throughout your legs, hips, lower back, lower abdomen, and abs.

Remember why you are doing these exercises.

Strengthening your knee joints will improve mobility and stability.

Most of all you will be able to enjoy joint and muscle pain relief.

Enjoy the rewards of your easy knee exercises!

Choose various exercise programs that meet your needs for joint and muscle quick recovery.

Exercise Will Quicken Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

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