A Weight Loss Secret That Treats Pain

How About A Quick Start In Reducing Pain In Your Joints And Muscles

The weight loss water relationship

Weight loss and water are very effective in reducing pain in joint and muscle, especially in the load baring joint and muscle of knees and hips.

Dropping your overall body weight by only four pounds makes a big difference when it comes to noticeable pain reduction. As true as this is, it will only be temporary without continuing progress in losing weight.

Understanding ways you can gain weight can better help you see how to lose weight.

  • Carbohydrates – All carbohydrate turn into sugar. You only burn a small amount of sugar a day – a little more with an exercise program. Everything else you take in gets stored in fat cells for later use. The more sugars, the more fat cells.
  • Toxins – Toxins are taken into your body through foods, water, and your environment. What the body can't eliminate quickly it creates fat cells to store it till a better opportunity comes for removal.
  • Water – If you are consistently not drinking enough your body will learn to compensate by producing fat cells to store it in to keep your body going in its drought condition to maintain essential body requirements.

If for some reason you are not excited about the three ways to accumulate extra body fat, then you are probably looking for ways to get rid of it. That being the case you will find the following interesting.

These programs will strongly stress upon their customers to drink plenty of this vital liquid while using their program, because they secretly know this has a major impact on losing fat – a key to their program's success.

Here is how simple this works. When your body consistently does not get enough for its needs, then it creates fat cells to store water in for use later as it needs it.

Where there is consistently plenty of good uptake it quits depending on the fat cells for storage and gets rid of them.

This secret along with exercise and diet corrections, are the three major keys to any successful weight loss program.

Stated another way:

To reduce weight requires plenty of water with less calories taken in and more calories burned through exercise.

TIP: Consider this... A University of Washington study observed that 98% of dieters deterred hunger pangs by drinking one glass of water.

Diet programs want you to succeed with their products and programs with as little difficulty as possible, so they can have happy customers that talk to others about their success.

They absolutely don't want you getting ill while you work their program. This can easily happen it you lose weight too fast.

Keep in mind, your body stores toxins if it can't remove from your body quickly. It stimulates the growth of fat cells to store toxins.

With rapid weight loss these toxins get quickly released and you can experience nausea, weakness, loss of energy, and possibly fever. You can get quite miserable – even think you are experiencing a bad flu. water is the key to quickly get the toxins moved out of the body before they can cause problems. Hence, the very important need to drink plenty in any weight loss program.

Pure water is key. If your are drinking tap water with various amounts of toxins in it, how well will it remove toxins from your body.

You wouldn't take a half dirty cleaning cloth to clean something with it, would you?

The more pure the water the more toxins it can remove. Pure water would be reverse osmosis water, or better yet, distilled water.

Water improves metabolic rate. Drinking two to four quarts a day cranks up your metabolic rate so that you could burn twice as many calories throughout the day as you previously had. You may be looking at a 40% increase in metabolic rate.

Other benefits of drinking plenty of this elixir of life besides weight loss

  • improves cushioning of joints
  • improves suppleness of skin
  • reduces stretch marks due to fat gain and loss
  • reducies craving for foods – especially for sweets
  • improves your oxygen levels for healing and energy