Silica Quck Recovery Secret for Joints Muscle and Bone

Silica quick recovery benefit is almost a secret – its so little heard of.

Silica, a little known essential trace mineral, determines your body's overall strength or its weakness depending on how much of this essential trace mineral is in you.

Its effect at the cellular level in your body says whether you are healthy or sickly – whether you are old before your time or staying young.

Silica - Most abundant mineral on Earth

It's a Critical Companion

This essential mineral is a powerful and important companion to collagen, the fibrous protein substance in your body that holds you together and can keep you good looking for a long time.

Collagen is nothing without vitamins and minerals and enzymes and a few other proteins.

Here is how it works When collagen forms in your body it must have enzymes to stimulate the chemical process. Enzymes cannot function without trace minerals. Neither one function without the presence of vitamins.

In this case, collagen must have enzymes present to work with this essential trace mineral, and vitamin C – and it requires a lot of vitamin C to form collagen properly.

Throw in a few other proteins for flexibility and indurability… …and you look and feel good!

When all these components are properly in place you are able to realize Silica's quick recovery benefits even more.

If they are not there you see slow healing, heavier scar tissue, more wrinkled skin, deteriorating joint and muscle – just for starters.

Good To The Bone

This essential mineral is key in bone formation. It is responsible for proper placement of calcium in the bone, and gives bone and muscle their tinsel strength.

If you come up short on Silica you are going to hurt.

— You will experience fragile bone formation

— You will experience calcium misplacement as seen in arthritis, especially in rheumatoid arthritis.

— Experience improper calcium deposits in arteries and muscle tissue increasing stiffness and pain, and adversely impacting heart health

Where Did All The Silica Go

Studies of this important mineral show you have only a little of it in your later years of life than you had in your youth. Several factors contribute to this condition, and can be corrected.

Too many diets are low in foods that supply this vital trace mineral. Poor digestion hinders proper break down of food to release vitamins and minerals, and hinder absorption.

Stress in your life depletes your vitamins and minerals and you come up short for your body's needs.

Correction calls for Silica supplements as a part of a group of supplements to overcome diet deficiencies.

Liquid forms have the benefit of working better where a digestive problem exist, gives you more value.

Your supplement should also include some vitamins and some enzymes – "so friends can work together".

Healing in Half the Time

The Silica quick recovery secret uncovered...

Professor Louis Kervran of France, a long time researcher of this essential trace mineral, through several studies learned that high dosages could heal bone twice as fast.

He was impressed to find, too, that it and calcium combined was not as efficient in healing bones as was the use of high levels of Silica and low levels of calcium.

This vital mineral gained the status as an essential trace mineral after considerable research in the 1970's much through extensive research by Dr. Edith Carlisle of UCLA.

Silica, an aid to collagen's strength and formation, and its ability to improve healing time is just a beginning of its value. When it can be found in every cell of your body serving in various capacities you know it has to be important to you.

Silica quick recovery benefits are best obtained using a quality liquid silica supplement especially during high demand healing times.

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How Silica Unlocks A Secret for Joint and Muscle Pain ReliefSilica is a key contributor to strong bone, joints and muscle, great for rapid healing of wounds, strengths the heart, detoxifies, and removes heavy metals.