Oxygen Weitht Loss secret of Mother Nature and Joint and Muscle Relief too

A Seemingly Small Thing: Oxygen Can Have A Big Impact on Achieving These Two Things

The Oxygen Weight Loss secret that Mother Nature puts to work for you, you can take advantage of to also help you achieve joint and muscle pain relief.

Oxygen can be used to help in weight loss as doctors require most of their patients to lose weight to assist in joint and muscle relief.

Patients are amazed when they realize a noticeable drop in joint pain with an initial 4 pound drop in weight as they start their weight loss program – more significantly in load bearing joints. Oxygen serves a multitude of functions in your body, especially at the cell level.

Here are 5 ways it works for pain relief. They include:

Eliminating toxins from your body Increasing energy in your cells and throughout your body Reducing inflammation Improving healing processes Burning fat cells

Eliminate Toxins From Your Body

It heals and destroys. Part of this vital element's healing efforts require destroying toxins, bacteria, virus, and waste material in your body making them ready for removal.

How fast this occurs depends on the amount within you to do the work. The more you increase oxygen in your body the quicker the healing. If you are deficient in any way, the slower the healing. If current illness is consuming great amounts of Oxygen, as should be expected, without purposely increasing it, healing will be slow.

Increase Energy In Your Cells and Throughout Your Body

Inside every one of your several trillion cells is a little energy making machine called the mitochondria.

It requires a lot of oxygen to produce this energy.

If it's in short supply you will be low on energy, cells will weaken, become sick and deformed and will produce like manner cells, continuing weakness and low energy throughout your body — you're going to feel it!

Where deficiency continues to exists cells become subhuman and deform into cancer cells. This in itself should tell you the real cure for cancer.

Here, you are only beginning to see some of the importance of this critical element. The energy created in your cells is used in most all functions in your body that keeps you healthy and alive. If energy production continues to stay low, danger of death stands in your doorway.

Reduce Inflammation

As fat is removed from your body less weight is applied to load bearing joints. Less pressure in these joints decreases inflammation and pain drops accordingly.

This powerful healing agent serves to breakdown the toxins and waste inflammation causes improving the healing process.

Improve Healing Processes

As it works its healing miracles, circulation improves, providing more of its power to healing areas, healing is accelerated and joint and muscle relief is much appreciated.

Burn Fat Cells

The Oxygen Weight Loss secret relys on oxygen to aid the production of glycogen, a form of sugar the body makes and functions on, to create muscle energy called ATP, the primary energy unit of your body. This is accomplished in the cells and provides energy throughout your body.

This energy making process burns fat and sugar. Your body is always burning fat for this purpose whether you exercise or not.

The way you can take advantage of the Oxygen Weight Loss secret Mother Nature offers is to increase the amount of oxygen in your body. Exercise increases your oxygen levels, and this increases the rate of fat burning.

What You Can Do

To get this Oxygen Weight Loss secret working for you, you want to eliminating fat stored in you body, it must be combined with oxygen to help burn it. Simple enough?

Studies have shown that most people use under 25% of their lungs' capacity mostly due to shallow breathing habits.

Increasing intake through better breathing can increase your body's ability to burn fat by 100% or more. Yet a hundred percent improvement may not be enough.

A hundred percent increase may only mean you have raised your blood oxygen saturation level (as indicated by a oximeter that reads and reports blood saturation percentages) one, maybe two points, when you may really need one or two more points increase to make all the difference.

In other words, your improvement in breathing may not be enough to fulfill all your needs.

Other than deep breathing and exercise for improvement, oxygen supplements can boost your oxygen so you can burn fat at a faster rate.

Oxygen supplements improve your capacity to utilize more of this miracle element, and can make the difference in making the Oxygen Weight loss secret work for you.

What ever methods you combine and use to improve your weight loss, you will reap the rewards of joint and muscle pain relief, along with many other health benefits.

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