How to build collagen for joint and muscle pain relief and youthful skin.

Signs of Collagen Deficiency

How to build collagen should be very important to you if you are wanting joint and muscle relief and are in need of pain relief.

Collagen is a protein building block of bone, muscle, and all tissue throughout your body. It is the fibrous network holding all your parts and pieces together.

Its what gives you that youthful skin when your collagen production is good, or gives you wrinkles when it becomes deficient in your body.

As the aging process begins (about 27 years old) various components that build bone, joint and muscle, cartilage, hair, and skin decline over the years. Collagen is one of the major building blocks in a group of body building components. Signs of collagen deficiency ever increase over the years.

Here Are Signs of Collagen Deficiency to Look For

    Slowing down of wound healing - anything from scratches to serious injuries to surgical operational wounds.

    Joint deterioration with joints wearing down early in life, becoming weak, stiff, and painful.   Arthritis is the most common disease that sets in under these conditions.

    Muscle tone declines and becomes soft and saggy. Muscle becomes weak and develops poorly. It seems to take a lot more effort to build strength than what you saw in your youth.

    Skin and hair dull and skin drys out easily. Wrinkles set in at an ever increasing rate.

How to Build Collagen

If you take your car to a mechanic because it is running very poorly and is in dire need of a tune-up – it needs new spark plugs, the timing reset, leaky plug wires replaced, and you tell the mechanic you only want to put in new spark plugs – do you really expect to see much improvement in performance?  ...Not going to happen...

You need a full tune-up. Anything else will give you some improvement, but not full improvement. Then again you may not see any noticeable improvement.

When your all important building blocks of joints and muscles are deficient in any way due to stress, poor diet, lifestyle, or interference from disease – a tune-up might help, or better yet, a big boost in building block supply would be more like what you need.

Collagen isn't the only building block that you need. It works in conjunction with several other building blocks for it to achieve its maximum performance. They in turn require sufficient collagen to maximize their performance.

Collagen production in your body requires generous amounts of vitamin C. If vitamin C is in low supply collagen builds bone and tissue poorly and you get weak muscles and deteriorating joints.

Zinc is another vitamin important to proper collagen production.

For high tinsel strength in bone and tissue along with good elasticity and resilience, collagen needs to work with, and needs support of, the trace minerals silica, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

MSM provides support to cells supplying and assisting in oxygen and sulfur necessary to good collagen production.

So how to build collagen is more involved than just supplying your body with more collagen to boost present stores. You don't want to look at anything less than involving as many of collagen's companion building blocks as you can to achieve maximum performance.

When they are together they all perform much better than when used by themselves. Research has proven this for years.

Watch for signs of collagen deficiency, and for pain relief, joint and muscle relief, supple skin and that youthful skin look, remember how to build collagen the best way and maximize your performance. Click and check out these popular pages.

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