Healing Power of Water for Joint And Muscle Pain Relief
The healing power of water

Healing power of water should be your 1st step when starting a joint and muscle recovery program if your serious about pain relief.

You've got to improve the fluid content in your joints from the start.

You may be like many that do not understand your body's need for water. It is the main reason studies estimate 80% of the population is consistently dehydrated.

Joint and muscle pain is well involved in this dehydration problem. There are several ways joint and muscles are affected by water, especially when water is out of balance with body needs and requirements.

Healing power of water is safe and economical, so put it to work for relief and recovery.

The biggest reason for fatigue during the day is a lack of water. Even a little dehydration slows down metabolism. The lack of water affects chemical processes that impact all functions of the body that you feel mentally and physically.

Healing processes are slowed and interfered with, affecting your ability to fully gain pain relief. On the other hand, drinking plenty of water helps accelerates healing and enhances body functions that bring relief.

Water is the fluid transport agent throughout the body. It carries healing nutrients to their proper destinations.

It not only carries the oxygen you breathe in to supply your needs, but also helps supply oxygen in various chemical reactions your body needs for healing.

It also transports toxins that must be removed from your body, assuring the healing process.

It's a pain when you get dehydrated (at least more so) when you are already dealing with joint or muscle pain.

Joint and muscle pain and back pain can be significantly reduced in as much as 80% of those drinking as little as 10 glasses of water a day.

This should not be difficult to understand stand when you realize that water performs a cushioning function in joints, and in vertebra where the back is concerned.

Dehydration would decrease this cushioning where rubbing of bone can occur or disks in the back can pinch – very painful... Re-hydration can do much to relieve these conditions.

You will be amazed at what the healing power of water can do for you.

Water plays an essential part in digestion and is important for nutrient absorption. Maximize the benefits of the joint and muscle relief supplements you use by assuring you have plenty of water to help make then work more efficiently.

Circulation relies heavily on the amount of water available in your body. Improving circulation in injured or inflamed areas is very important for good pain relief.

Healing power of water has its greatest impact at this level. Here where the foundation of healing is most affected. Here is where it cleans and builds better cells that show in overall health improvement.

Circulation and transport functions of water are critical at the cell level. Following a regular habit of not drinking enough water will lead you to chronic cellular dehydration followed by cell degeneration.

Cells become weak and function poorly. This makes you wide open to many diseases. Pain relief will not be the only thing you will be highly concerned with.

For Best Results

It is very important for you to understand that – “Water is Water” and “Food is Food”.

Your body processes and utilizes water one way and food another way. Once anything is added to water your body no longer sees it as water, but as food. The two must be kept separate. Often people think if they are drinking plenty of fluids they are getting plenty of water - not true.

As a general rule, you need to drink a MINIMUM of half your body weight in ounces of water every day. As an example a 192 pound person should drink at least 96 ounces of water – that's 3 quarts a day.

This would be considered a low to moderate amount, where 1 1/2 gallons would prove more beneficial. Never exceed 3 gallons in a day.

TIP: Separate food and water by drinking generous amounts of water 1 hour before a meal and 1 hour after a meal. Use water (or any drink) during a meal to aid in eating. Caution: Too much liquids during the meal dilutes enzyme efforts, thus hindering digestion.

Experiment for yourself and discover the healing power of water when it comes to seeking better healing and pain relief. Take advantage of water's ability to make your joint and muscle supplements work better for you.

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