Grandma's Knee Joint Pain Success

An Age Old Secret

Grandma's knee joint pain got worse as she avoided moving around. Grandma's pain increased as knees swelled, circulation slowed, weakness increased, and they became more stiff, as she didn't want to move.

Avoiding movement whether sitting, standing, or walking was the thing that made Grandma's pain get worse.

Her knee joint pain seemed to make her forget the age old (or old age) secret – keep moving!

The medications her doctor prescribed seem to work well initially, but lost much of their effectiveness after a few weeks. She was constantly on the lookout for pain remedies, trying creams, pills, and whatever.

Glucosamine was often recommended for her knee pain and swelling. Also suggested was Chondroitin. More often the Glucosamine and Chondroitin combination was suggested. She went from one to both using pill forms of these well recommended pain relief aids.

The pills were a little slow to 'kick in', around two maybe three months. It wasn't unexpected. Several of her friends said it would take that long before she felt better.

Like so many suffering with knee joint pain and swelling she looked for a low cost way of dealing with her pain attempting to avoid the high cost of medicine – even when she wasn't paying full price.

Grandma's Knee Joint Pain Remedies

After six or seven months benefits seems to level off, still not reaching the full benefits hoped for. She kept searching for more things that were good for joint pain relief.

Then her son-in-law came to the rescue with something new.

He was helping her search and learned that Collagen and Silica worked well for rebuilding deteriorated joints and they also helped in pain relief.

Hyaluronic Acid is important for maintaining fluids in joints, and is critical for lubrication, and offered quick pain relief.

He knew for some time MSM was good for a lot of things including knee joint pain, and seemed to be very helpful for joint pain relief all over the body.

It was when he found something that had these three joint nutrients together along with Glucosamine and Chondroitin that really got their attention.

They figured they “hit pay dirt” (an old gold mining term) when they discovered these things were all together in liquid form.

Their research had already told them nutrition supplements in liquid form were more successful.

They absorbed easier and faster, and assimilated into the system better, getting more value out of the supplements.

When Grandma Ain't Happy

It only took a few days for this liquid combination to show improvements in her knee joint pain. It worked better for her than anything else she had used previously, like pills and capsules.

At first she wasn't very consistent in drinking an ounce in the morning and another ounce in the evening. She would take it several days then forget it a few days and soon complained of pain again.

They would get her back on track and it gave her great relief. She finally became convinced she needed to be consistent every day to stay out of pain. It became rare Grandma complained of any pain even when the weather changed.

There were times she would run out of some of her pain relief supplements (she took more than this one liquid supplement). Then she was a pain to her son-in-law. He was responsible for keeping her supplied.

There were times he felt she was on drugs and he was her pusher. “When Grandma ain't happy there ain't nobody happy.”

He learned Grandma's pain was his pain, so he was diligent in keeping her supplied and happy. There is nothing better than love at home, you know.

The Good News

Grandma's knee joint pain wasn't the only place she enjoyed joint pain relief, her hips and elbows that were not as painful, felt much better too. Grandma finally found all the pain remedies she needed.

what Grandma used...

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