Benefits of Vitamin C Fulfill Your Body's Critical Needs

Benefits of vitamin C range from simply improving your energy to saving your life. If you want to maximize healing, this is one vitamin you will want to take plenty of.

  • It's important for joint and muscle relief
  • It's critical in Collagen production for rebuilding joint and muscle and skin
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It's great for pain relief
  • It improves overall energy and well-being
  • It helps you heal faster

Vitamin C side effects are virtually non-existent. It is a very safe vitamin to use.

You cannot overdose on Vitamin C and it cannot harm you. Your body will eliminate any excess it does not use.

A study of Vitamin C deficiency is another way of looking at benefits of Vitamin C. Scurvy is a Vitamin C deficiency disease that left unchecked results in death.

This can be corrected over a few days to a few weeks, depending on severity, by use of sufficient Vitamin C supplements.

A chronic, or long term mild case of vitamin C deficiency can easily be misdiagnosed and left unchecked generating into serious life threatening diseases.

Most people suffer with chronic low level scurvy and are not aware of it.

Fully avoiding this with simple application of Vitamin C supplements would prove to be of great benefit.

Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Along With
Less Wrinkled Skin

The tissue in your body that holds everything together is called collagen. It is constantly being replace throughout your body. This network of cells can not be built without plenty of Vitamin C.

A vitamin C deficiency results in poor collagen development. You're looking at weak bones and poor bone structure. Joint deterioration exceeds joint rebuilding processes. Inflammation sets in and pain and immobility follow.

As you age you see a slowdown in collagen production - as seen in wrinkled skin, heart disease, poor wound healing. Taking vitamin C supplements all your life and in later years becomes critically important if the full benefits of Vitamin C are to be enjoyed.

Critical Need for Vitamin C in Wound Healing

The high demand for new collagen formation in a wound area increases the demand for Vitamin C and other elements involved in collagen development. This demand, if not fully met, results in slow and poor healing.

Whether the wound is from injury or surgery, slow healing tends to build larger scars. The production of collagen and the benefits of Vitamin C working together minimize scar tissue as well as work to eliminate old scaring.

Stress Protection

This vitamin is listed with the more powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect you from free radicals that when in excess destroy a great number of your cells.

Here is an anti-oxidant that works both ways, acting as an oxidant in some necessary functions producing free radicals, and on the other hand brings back balance by destroying excess free radicals when also working as an anti-oxidant.

Stress is today's biggest contender against your health. It creates chemistry imbalance that weakens you, making you more receptive to diseases. This powerful anti-oxidant counters damage caused by stress.

This makes it one of the big benefits of Vitamin C. It will prevents illnesses so you will never have to see or experience them.

Many of its powers will be mostly unknown to you because of the many protective functions it performs inside your body.

More benefits of Vitamin C are seen as it removes toxins, kills bacteria, and destroys viruses.

These are health concerns Vitamin C has a powerful influence on.

  • Coronary Heart Disease (see e-book)
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Cataracts
  • Lead poisoning elimination
  • Inflammation reduction and elimination
  • Preventing and overcoming the common cold
  • Allergy suppression and elimination

Vitamin C Deficiency Indicators

Making a list of Vitamin C deficiencies is much the same as making a list of poor collagen production, or a collagen deficiency list.

    • Arthritis

    • Heart Disease, Stroke, Heart Attack - Myocardial Infarction

    • Swollen painful joints and muscles

    • Increased risk for various cancers

    • Poor bone growth and formation

    • Poor wound healing, long recovery from colds, flu, operations

    • Bleeding gums, gingivitis or gum disease and poor tooth enamel

    • Poor ability to fight off infection

    • Reduced insulin production, impaired multiple hormonal functions

    • Gastrointestinal problems

    • Rough, dry and scaly skin, bruising easily, dry splitting hair

This vitamin is one of the lowest cost ways of getting joint and muscle relief, getting rid of pain, healing quickly, and preventing many diseases.

Benefits of Vitamin C are many and only some of the high points have been discussed here. Realize your body's critical need for this vitamin and put it to work for you. Live happy longer.

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