A Collagen Health Secret

A collagen health secret many can look back and wish they knew, and took advantage of, but can still benefit from it at any age. Interesting enough, your body grows and develops up to about the age of 27, then it starts declining. In other words, it starts aging. That's right, you start growing old. How does this happen? There are a multitude of proteins, hormones, and body building blocks of all kinds that, while in the growing part of life, they were for the most part in abundance fulfilling your bodily functions and needs.

As your body ages these things slowly decline in production and supply and you have a little less each year to work with. For example:Collagen, the major building block that holds your skin, bones, cells, together sees a drop in production of about 1½% a year.

You can figure by the age of 45 you have lost 75% of your collagen production. This may be around the age you notice painful joints, slower wound healing, dulling hair, and wrinkles in the skin. Maybe you are further along in deteriorating stages and suffer often with pain, even chronic pain. Joints may be giving you so much problem mobility becomes a burden. Hopefully your are not allowing yourself to minimize movement – a decision that only worsens your problems. Thus, part of this secret is that you produce less collagen with age.

The Other Half of the Collagen Health Secret

With this said, you now have half of the collagen health secret. There are literally millions of people today suffering degenerative diseases including arthritis, RA, osteoarthritis, heart disease, chronic knee pain, and chronic hip and shoulder pain.People hungry for this collagen health secret.

Most of these people would give almost anything for pain relief – and they spend millions seeking relief, but for most it is short-lived, temporary, and vanishing. Most of the paths they follow in their quest take them to more health problems.

This is where the second half of the collagen-health-secret becomes important to them. This half gives back hope.

It's fairly simple to get pain relief with the use of collagen, and its several companion building blocks.

Too simple for most people, though. Most people think the solutions to pain relief must be complicated, expensive, and only professionals can do it – not true, never was. You can help yourself!If deterioration has not reached the point for need of joint replacement, then it can be as simple as adding more of what the body is lacking to help it heal itself and provide the pain relief so desperately wanted. Simply, add a collagen supplement to your diet. It isn't only joint pain relief that can be satisfied. This collagen health secret benefits muscle, skin, wrinkles, heart and much more.

Wherever collagen serves its purpose this collagen health secret becomes important.

Looking for a Collagen Source in the right combination with other essential joint nutrients?

Other Secrets That Go With This

Silica, an essential trace element, is very important to collagen's great tinsel strength.

Collagen production in your body requires a large amount of vitamin C. All too many people are vitamin C deficient. This leads to poor collagen development – meaning saggy wrinkled skin, weak bone and muscle, pain.

Any ole vitamin C just won't do. There are two very important amino acids that must accompany it for best results.

There are other components of joint and muscle that suffer the problems that come with aging. They, too, decline in necessary volume and when combined with a collagen supplement make a powerful weapon against inflammation and pain.

They each have their secrets, yet they are important pieces of a puzzle that makes them part of the collagen health secret.

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