5 Ways MSM Gives You Joint and Muscle Pain Relief


MSM is the third most popular pain relief supplement, following Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint and muscle pain relief. Recent research has unveiled several advantages to using this to improve your quest for joint and muscle relief, and reduce pain throughout your body.

Previous research has also shown it's effects are more enhanced when accompanied with other nutritional components that make up your connective tissue – joints, cartilage, arteries, etc.

This natural approach can help win your battle against pain. Along with its nutritional companions in joint and muscle building blocks it is proven safe without side affects.

    Clinical experience has shown that it provides major pain relief through the following actions:
    • The inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers
    • Softening of scar tissue
    • Lessening of inflammation
    • Increasing of blood supply
    • Restoring sulfur to cartilage

The inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers

This vital nutrient is well proven to be an effective pain reliever. Research has demonstrated it's ability to block transmission of impulses in the nerve fibers that carry pain signals.

Softening of scar tissue

MSM gives up its sulfur to help form collagen, the fibrous tissue that connects everything together.

It works to make cross connecting fibers in the collagen that help in the repair and strengthening of tissue.

It's presence assures soft tissue, reducing scaring and softens scar tissue.

Typically where there is inflammation there is less oxygen due to swelling, restricting circulation that limits oxygen access to the inflamed area that normally suppresses inflammation, and aids the healing process.

Sulfur in important nutrient works with amino acids and proteins in the healing process, and can get into these areas and help substitute oxygen functions to reduce inflammation.

In an oxygen-deprived state, sulfur often replaces oxygen as a provider of chemical energy for maintenance and healing, till normalcy can be restored.

As inflammation is reduce, swelling goes down allowing improved circulation. As circulation improves more nutrients get to the injured area accelerating the healing process. Cartilage normally has a high sulfur content. This sulfur content decreases as we age, and scientist have shown that this decrease parallels with degeneration in the joints.

MSM is 34% sulfur, and acts as a sulfur donor to your cartilage, helping in it's restoration.

Sulfur being the third most abundant element in your body, This is a supplement that can serve well to keep your body supplied to support good health.

MSM and other companion joint and muscle nutrients decrease with age and improper diet, so carefully consider all avenues you can to maximize joint and muscle relief.