Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Benefits Of Collagen Offers A More Youthful Look To Joint And Muscle Pain Relief

Benefits of collagen supplements start with improving your strength and flexibility, adding fullness to your skin helping to restore that youthful look, and you enjoy better healing and rebuilding throughout your body.

You are happy as long as your body produces plenty of quality collagen, but when no longer true, you see wrinkled skin, dull hair, saggy weak muscle, joints deteriorating, stiffness and in pain.

Why Is Collagen Important To Me

Collagen is a protein structure that forms a fibrous network throughout your body that ties all your parts together – keeping you all in one piece.

Working with various other proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins it serves a great responsibility in maintaining:

skin – keeping it full, smooth, soft, and flexible and strong – keeping a youthful look
hair – providing fullness, strength, durability, and luster
Joint and Muscle – keeping strength and elasticity, supporting recovery from wear and tear damage or injuries
cartilage – supporting repair and fluids for cushion and elasticity
tendons and ligaments – providing high strength, elasticity, and stretchability
arteries – keeping them strong and flexible

What Are Side Effects of Collagen Supplements — NONE

Collagen supplements over several years of research and studies consistently report no side effects.

This is not surprising when you consider that this critical protein is naturally produced in your body, and that sources of collagen, and collagen building blocks, come from animals and plants found in our normal diet.

Any side effects of collagen supplements would be a concern if the supplement itself would be of low quality. That in and of itself may well be a cause of side effects.

Another possibility of side effects of collagen supplements occur when other products are added to the supplement and the side effects come from them, not the collagen.

Sources of Collagen Supplements

Animal sources of collagen supplements commonly come from shark cartilage, young bovine (cows) cartilage, chicken comb, and a little bit of hog mixed in the group.

Plant sources of collagen supplements are found best in dark green vegetables. These followed by red fruits and vegetables with some dark fruits such as berries – blueberries, blackberries and currents.

What More Do I Need To Get Full Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Perhaps this is like asking the question; "Do I need to eat anything but apples all my life?" Your body calls on many different resources to provide the nutrients to sustain your life in good health.

Your body utilizes over 3,000 different enzymes, hundreds of vitamins and minerals, various proteins and amino acids to keep your magnificent machine fully and properly functioning.

In you is an orchestra playing and every instrument must be in position for the music to reach its full magnificence.

This supplement in like manner should not work alone.

Long term studies have shown it having greater performance when combined with other elements that make up joint and muscle, tendons, skin, arteries, etc.

Some of these important nutritional companions would be:

You will want to consider other supplements that act as co-partners to get the full benefits of collagen supplements.

Benefits of collagen supplements become very apparent as you begin recovery from a collagen deficiency that has weakened joint and muscle or has aged your skin.

Key to your benefits of collagen supplements is in the quality of the supplement you chose. Choose carefully. is a Collagen Source in the right combination with other essential joint nutrients

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